Corporate name
Vidal Golosinas

Vidal Golosinas

Vidal Candies, sweetening the world since 1963

Vidal Candies products are directly associated with intense flavours, unique textures and original designs. With almost 60 years of experience in the confectionery sector, this southeastern Spanish company is positioned as a brand of recognised international prestige, synonymous with quality and innovation.

The company has a production capacity of 75 million units per day and its catalogue of candies is one of the widest of the sugar confectionery sector. You will find various various categories such as: jellies, liquorice, marshmallow, hard candy, chewy caramel and bubble gum. It is a fact that some of the most recognisable products in the market have their origin in the R+D research labs of Vidal such as Teeth, Bricks, Soft Fruit and Melons.

In the late 1960s, a few years after its foundation, an expansion process began which endures to the present day and spans across the globe. At this moment, Vidal brings to 15 the total number of subsidiaries distributed all over the world and its products can be found in more than 90 countries. Vidal complies with the requirements to adapt to the market demands and has the most prestigious quality certificates. This highlights the daily commitment of the entire organisation and its efforts to achieve the highest quality standards, such as BRC (British Retailer Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard). In addition to this we count with the Jewish and Muslim communities with Kosher and Halal certifications. The United Kingdom, France, Portugal and Scandinavian countries are some of its most leading markets within Europe, in addition to the United States.

Vidal’s innovative character is reflected in its DNA since its beginnings. The company is experiencing a strong and energetic growth focused on international markets (75% of its turnover). At Vidal they can affirm categorically, that they fulfil their mission: sweetening the world.