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Vicky Foods

Vicky Foods

Leader in volume in the packaged baked products and pastries sector

The Dulcesol Group is a family-based group of companies with 100% Spanish capital. Its origin dates from the early 1950s, when it was set up as a small traditional bakery and pastry business in Villalonga (Autonomous Community of Valencia). The Group now operates three plants in Spain, in Gandía and Villalonga (Autonomous Community of Valencia), and one in Algeria. The plants are specialised in manufacturing bread and pastry products, children’s foods and spreadable pastes.

Since 1982, the Group has also run a poultry farm in Terrateig (in the Vall d’Albaida area), which it uses to control the supply of eggs, an essential ingredient in manufacturing baked products and pastries. The Group also owns Ducplast, a plant that is used to manufacture printed flexible material, i.e. packaging, using state-of-the-art equipment.

The Group aims to deliver a range of quality pastry products without hydrogenated fats, and is committed to healthy eating. With this purpose in mind, it has carried out a number of different projects to develop products in this field.

In 2015, the Group produced a total of 139,770 tons. It offers a very broad range of products – over 200 – which are developed within the framework of its diversification strategy. Its core business is pastry products, but other lines of business, such as sliced bread, spreadable pastes or children’s food (My Menu) are equally important.

The company has undertaken an ambitious international expansion plan which has led it to operate in 39 countries. In 2014, it opened its first plant abroad, in Oran (Algeria), thus taking its first step towards international expansion.

It already earns 40.36 million in the international market, accounting for over 13% of the Group’s revenue. Its core markets are Germany, Algeria, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Since the outset, the quality of its products has always been one of the Dulcesol Group’s primary concerns. The Group’s Quality Assurance System complies with the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Standard and with the IFS and BRC international food safety protocols certified by AENOR, thus guaranteeing that the Group’s products meet the EU’s most demanding quality standards.