Corporate name
Vicky Foods

Vicky Foods

Vicky Foods is a leading family-owned company in the food sector with a 70-year history. Currently, it has a global average workforce of 2,712 employees. Its own brands include Dulcesol®, Horno Hermanos Juan®, Be Plus®, and Fit´z®.

The group’s evolution in recent years has been marked by the consolidation and strong growth of its economic results. It is the top company in the bakery and pastry sector in Spain, with a global turnover of €405 million in 2021, representing an increase of over 7.7% from the previous year, and a production of 192,500 tons. With a presence in more than 60 countries, Vicky Foods has three production centers in Gandía, Villalonga (both in Valencia), and Algeria, as well as 18 commercial delegations spread across Spain, Algeria, the United Kingdom, and France. Additionally, the company owns an egg farm that supplies 90% of its production, a packaging manufacturing plant that covers almost all (98%) of the group’s packaging needs, an Innovation Center to coordinate the company’s innovative potential and meet its commitments in health and technological innovation, and the Vicky Foods Foundation, which focuses on innovation, culture, and education to manage its social action.