Corporate name


The Suarez story begins in 1943, when Mr Emiliano Suárez Faffián founded the first jewellery shop/workshop in Bilbao, which went on to become what is now Grupo Suarez.

After more than 75 years, the know-how and experience of the brand successfully guide every stage of the jewellery production process. This expertise, which is the fruit of experience shared over the years, has been constantly improved by three generations of the Suárez family.

The passion, dedication and desire for growth transmitted from generation to generation by the Suárez family resulted in the creation in 2010 of a new firm: Aristocrazy. Quality, exclusivity, design and perfection as a guide throughout the process, inspire the birth of this new concept: jewellery as a fashion accessory, conceived to be included in the shopping circuits of the main cities, with a clear international vocation.

Aristocrazy is a mentality, a way of living and feeling, a spirit. Aristocrazy represents authenticity, evolution, transformation, transgression, freedom. An innovative vision that, together with its origins, makes Aristocrazy an exceptional brand that inhabits the latest trends without losing the essence and tradition that make it unique.

Thanks to its warmth, honesty and empathy, Suarez is by its clients’ side for life’s most important moments with its signature diamonds and engagement collections. At the same time, we innovate to stay at the forefront of a creative style of jewellery. Our pieces become storied keepsakes that caress the skin and connect with the soul, giving strength to a new kind of woman.