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Salicru is Spain’s market leading power electronics company. Founded in 1965, its main business is the development, manufacture and marketing of products designed to protect industrial, professional and household systems from problems caused by mains power supply disturbances. Its main mission is to guarantee a continuous, clean, economical, reliable and ecological electricity supply to its customers, for which it offers a wide range of products capable of providing solutions for the most sensitive systems and most demanding markets.

According to electric studies, 40% of failures that occur in computer systems are caused by disturbances in the electrical supply (above those caused by computer viruses), also having an impact on productivity losses derived from inactivity and resources necessary for the restoration of the damage caused. Therefore, there is a wide range of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) available. In addition, in a situation with a clear orientation towards environmental responsibility as part of the Sustainable Development Goals, SALICRU produces frequency inverters, so that industrial facilities and processes regulate the speed of their motors to adapt to the needs of the load on each time, as well as reduce energy consumption. Likewise, the company produces solar inverters to provide the domestic, SME, public administration, large corporations, telecom, infrastructure, and industrial markets renewable energy.

With the goal of continuously offering new solutions and products to its customers, Salicru never ceases to research and innovate. To achieve this, it allocates an average of 5% of its annual turnover to its R&D department, a percentage that is much higher than the 1.28% national average for technology companies and the 1.87% European average.

SALICRU has the widest national coverage and 10 subsidiaries abroad, selling its products in more than 130 countries, with more than 2,000,000 pieces of equipment in operation. Likewise, SALICRU is certified with ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and ISO-45001 and its products are designed and produced in a way that respects the environment.