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Corporate name
Rodman Polyships, SAU


Leader in GRP slip- building

Rodman is Spain’s leading glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) vessel construction company with Europe’s most substantial shipyards. Its client base is varied and includes the Ministry of Fisheries. Customs and Excise,the Ministry of Defence,fishing or leisure shipbuilders, fishing or leisure craft aficionados, and the most discerning and elegant luxury yacht buyer.

Rodman’s use of pioneering technologies keeps its products at the technological vanguard.This,combined with its high quality standards ensures excellence in service. The brand is renowned for the endurance, stability and safety, and elegance of its vessels, which are considered to be the most navigable in their class, and appropriate for either fishing or cruising. Rodman has two activity areas,according to the materials used:the GPR shipyards, in Spain and Portugal, and the construction and reparation of steel vessels in Spain.

Ships built by Rodman sail all the oceans. 70% of Rodman’s revenue comes from exports abroad.This figure reflects the international recognition of its versatility,and the high technological level of its productive capacity. The following countries are repeat buyers of Rodman vessels and place the company in a world leader position:Brazil,Argentina,Chile,Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Central America, Mexico, the Ivory Coast, South Africa, Cameroon, the Republic of Guinea, Angola, Morocco, Gabon, the Middle East, Suriname,France,USA, Portugal, Germany, Croatia,the United Kingdom, Italy, Holland, Scandinavia, Philippines and Japan.