Corporate name

Renfe Operadora

Renfe: the future comes by train

Renfe is one of the most important railway companies in Europe dating back to 1941. However, after the enactment of the Railway Sector Law geared to the gradual liberalization of this way in Spain,a new Renfe was born on 1 January 2005,exclusively focused on passenger and freight transportation, and no longer responsible for the railway infrastructure. A major face-lift of its corporate image gave way to a new company which is closer and fully dedicated to customer satisfaction, with a spirit of leadership,strong social value and modern and professional managing capacity, which intends to merge functional and emotional values into its performance. Renfe is fully committed to our customers,rendering passenger and freight transportation services under the highest security standards. We run our clearly customer-oriented activity based on quality,efficiency, profitability and innovation criteria, seeking to increase our share in the railway sector. We have undertaken four commitments that fall within our Social Corporate Responsibility strategy, under the motto “A train of values”: Sustainability Commitment, Social Commitment, Cultural Commitment and Ethical Commitment. Renfe is thus a large internationally-renowned Spanish company carrying over 1.5 million passengers a day on more than 1,600 wagons and with international presence.