Corporate name


Ramondin is the world leader in the manufacture of safety seals, providing a range of capsules made in different materials to seal wine, champagne, oil and liqueur bottles.

Ramondin manufactures materials such as aluminium, polylaminate, PVC, screw tops, and above all, tin, which have made Ramondin stand out as the supplier of main brands of drinks within the international market.

Founded in 1890 by Frederic Dehilloitte Ramondin in Ibarra, (Tolosa), the company headquarters are currently based in Laguardia, (Alava, the Basque Country), and has two more production centres in France and Argentina, in addition to their own business offices in the main countries of the world.

Ramondin’s work ethic is based on responsibility, harmony and trust. Maturity has shaped the way the company works, the challenges it faces, the organisation of the management and the energy to overcome the changing market. The style of leadership allows every one of the 500 employees to be involved in the ambitions of each project with the aim of doing their job to their very best: manufacturing, selling, and using the capsules of extra high quality to seal wine, oil, liqueurs and champagne.

The quality of the processes and the products, together with innovation, development and social responsibility, define the company’s nature, and ensure a world class business in the manufacturing of capsules, whose position as such is firmly held due to its investment in innovation, and the internationalisation of its products.