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Corporate name
Grupo Osborne, S.A.


A timeless pleasure

Osborne Spirits includes brands with the longest tradition and prestige from among Spanish distilled drinks, sherry brandies and anisettes, in addition to Santa Teresa rum from Venezuela, which is marketed by Osborne Distribuidora. The secret of its spirits lies in the careful selection of raw materials, production process based on procedures with over a century of experience and sophisticated controls to ensure maximum quality. Osborne Brandies de Jerez are protected by a special designation of origin owing to its special sensory, taste and analytic qualities. Osborne Licor, has enjoyed a long tradition in Cádiz since it is a legacy from the Arabs who settled in the area. Ponche, a brandy liqueur, continues to be one of the most famous and characteristic liqueurs produced by the great Bodegas del Marco de Jerez. Anís del Mono is tremendously popular, thanks to its digestive properties and its refreshing taste. Santa Teresa rum is from Venezuela, one of the largest rum producers in the world. The land there has the ideal conditions for growing sugar cane and with a long tradition of distilling cane juice and ageing it in oak barrels to produce golden or darker rums. Vodka has the second largest consumption in the spirits category and is the leading drink in countries such as USA and England. In Spain it is currently achieving considerable growth rates.