Corporate name
Miguel Bellido, S.A.

Miguel Bellido

Olimpo is the best known trademark of the Miguel Bellido, S.A. business group in Spain and in Europe.

The company was first set up more than 50 years ago, and its main business activity was the manufacture of handcrafted, high-quality leather belts. Several years later, following its enormous success, Miguel Bellido was transformed into a production plant, maintaining the essential aspects of quality and design that have always characterised its products.

Its international expansion process began in the 1970s, based on an extremely dynamic strategy that positioned Miguel Bellido as a pioneering firm and a leader in foreign markets. OLIMPO is now one of the number one Spanish brands in the men’s luxury fashion accessories sector.

Almost 50% of the OLIMPO trademark production is exported to more than 30 countries. Its most important markets are Europe, USA, Japan, Hong Kong and the Arab Countries.