Mahou San Miguel

A 100% Spanish-owned, family-run business and Spain’s leading beverage company. It has 10 beer production centres —eight in Spain and two in the USA— and four water springs, with a team of almost 4,000 professionals. Mahou San Miguel produces more than 70% of the Spanish beer consumed outside of Spain and is available in over 70 countries.

It has an over 130-year history, which began with the founding of Mahou in 1890. In 2000, Mahou acquired San Miguel; then in 2004, the Canary Islands brand Reina, followed, in 2007, by Cervezas Alhambra; in 2011 the business diversified with the acquisition of Solán de Cabras. Since 2019, Mahou San Miguel has been the majority shareholder of the North-American craft brewers Founders Brewing and Avery Brewing.

The company has a wide portfolio of domestic beers, including Mahou Cinco Estrellas, San Miguel Especial and Alhambra Reserva 1925; and international beers. It has innovative and category-creating products like San Miguel 0,0, San Miguel ECO and Mahou Barrica; natural mineral water brands like the iconic Solán de Cabras, and has ventured into the cider segment with La Prohibida. It has also been pioneering in the sector for launching its e-commerce store: Tienda Mahou San Miguel.

Focusing on people and contributing to the economic and social progress of our country, Mahou San Miguel is a solidarity-driven company that channels its social action through the Mahou San Miguel Foundation, created in 2013.