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World leader in the design, production and distribution of artistic porcelain figurines

Its classic figurines, with their unmistakable style, elegant lines and painted in soft tones, has now been joined by more recent innovative collections, with more rotund shapes, new colours and daring textures. All the pieces are made using entirely traditional methods at the City of Porcelain, in Tavernes Blanques (Valencia). Every Lladró piece of work is the result of a laborious process by artists and designers who devote their lives to expressing in porcelain the most universal feelings and deepest emotions. One of the best-loved and differentiating features on its pieces are flowers. Each glower is handmade by specialist artists who string the petals together, one by one, to obtain unique creations. The internationalisation process began in the 1970s thanks to success in the USA which was followed by the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. More recently, Lladró has entered emerging markets such as Russia, India and China. Today, Lladró exports its works to more than 120 countries across all five continents. It has an international network of authorised retailers, in addition to its own boutiques, located in the world’s most important cities such as New York, London, Moscow, Tokyo, Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. These boutiques are especially designed to be the ideal setting for discovering all the qualities of Lladró pieces.