Corporate name


Committed to its values ”la Caixa”, the first savings entity in Spain and Europe, is a non-profit financial entity founded over 100 years ago. It is geared to promote savings and deliver financial services contributing to economic progress. Through its Welfare Fund (Obra Social), ”la Caixa” develops social, educational, cultural and scientific programs,thus returning a portion of benefits back to society. Committed to people ”la Caixa” operates based on a universal banking model and a comprehensive management strategy.It serves over 10 million customers,combining the qualification of over 25,000 employees with the best portfolio of financial products and a multi-channel network effectively,all this thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

This model is supported by three main core values of the entity.Trust;built through honesty, respect and commitment to customers. Quality of service;based on professionalism and innovation.Effectiveness;as a differential factor in financial consulting. More than a financial entity…

The sixth largest private global entity in allocating resources to address social needs with an annual budget above 400 million euros,over 35,000 activities and more than 20 million beneficiaries a year.The Welfare Fund is focused on solving social needs and fostering the integration of alienated groups.