Corporate name
Keraben Grupo, S.A.U.

Keraben Grupo

Keraben Grupo, A Reflection of You

At Keraben Grupo, we design and develop ceramic wall and floor tiles, from the ideas stage through to the whole of the manufacturing process. Our tile collections’ designs are based on prior analyses of trends, a search for inspiration in hitherto unexplored fields, and studies of potential top-quality materials. In the development of our products, cutting-edge technology is combined with traditional techniques so as to guarantee tile solutions with a high added value, conspicuous for their exquisite design and timeless beauty.

We create emotions.

We create prestige. The impact and feeling of fascination that are aroused when you see something you’ve never seen before. The expression and reflection of your own self.

We are creators.

Of spaces, pieces and sensations in which you can find yourself. Throughus, we want you to feel the fascination of seeing yourself reflected in a space. To discover yourself through pieces that reveal your personality.

If you like to set the trends. If you want to raise the style barhigher. If you are someone who delves deeply into their own creativity and enlarges it. In us, you will always find a part of you. So that you can create the spaces that embody your true essence. Spaces that reflect you.