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Preservation and Adaptative Reuse of Buildings

KALAM is one of the most recognized and specialized companies in its sector. It was founded in 1987 and focuses its activity on the preservation and adaptive reuse of buildings. It has a staff of professionals ranging from specialized technicians to masters of the traditional trades required for the interventions.

Its clients, both public and private, include major insurance companies, real estate and hotel groups, that value seriousness, schedule compliance, and workplace safety. With more than thirty-five years of experience in project execution, the organization accompanies its clients in their projects and investments, offering rigorous and realistic proposals as well as technical advice. These are complex processes that require specialized companies to ensure their success.

Among many other conservation, adaptation and energy efficiency improvement projects, the company stands out for the adaptive reuse of residential buildings, luxury boutique hotels, emblematic buildings, institutional, commercial, cultural, office and educational centers. In addition to its main activity of specialized execution, it offers exclusive technical assistance to clients and professionals with whom it collaborates. This is done through structures such as the Occupational Risk Prevention and Project Support Departments. In terms of logistics, the architectural reproduction workshop for ornamental elements stands out. It also has the capacity to set up on-site support workshops.

In addition to its solid experience in the field of restoration, it has a unique track record of more than forty interventions in our World Heritage Sites. These have been recognized worldwide in countries such as the United States, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Morocco, Angola, France, Portugal, and other European countries where its companies, operational centers or projects are located. Its work has been recognized, among others, twice in the European Union Awards for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra, the most relevant in the world in the field of heritage conservation.

KALAM offers a highly specialized and developed response with its own equipment in terms of the range of trades and works. This allows the company to adapt itself to the needs of each client. Its multidisciplinary team, with its commitment, rigor, and the important added value of its experience, offers an agile and competitive response.