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Engage with quality

Kalam is one of the most well-known and specialised companies in building rehabilitation and restoration industry. Since its foundation, in 1987, quality has been its main objective, gathering and increasing a professional well qualified workforce that covers all the necessary areas for the development of its activity.

Today, it is internationally accredited thanks to its experience acquired through its work divisions of Landmarks and Monuments Restoration, Historical Façades and Comprehensive Rehabilitation. The rich and diverse cultural heritage of our country, in which it has worked outstandingly, constitutes a solid reference appreciated globally in countries such as France, Chile, Dominican Republic, Cuba or Angola where is already working.

Among its clients, either public or private, we could highlight great landmarks managers and insurance companies, which are engaged with responsibility, schedule compliance and security at work. With its Security Management and Projects Support departments it offers unique technical advice to its clients and professionals who work with. Within its logistics, it stands out its architectonical reproduction workshop for ornamented areas and its capacity of setting out on-site workshops to help great volume or highly specialised works.

Its scope is universal, and addressing it in a singular manner with its own teams and equipment, Kalam has built a skilled and accredited company which allows competing in countries that are at the forefront of heritage preservation.