Corporate name
Idilia Foods

Idilia Foods

Idilia Foods is a Spanish family business dedicated to sell high-quality products for the whole family. The company owns two of the most beloved and iconic brands in the country, such as ColaCao or Nocilla. Idilia Food’s commitment to quality and proximity to the consumer have made its brands leaders in the food sector in our country, having been present in Spanish homes for more than 75 years.

In Spain, Idilia Foods employees more than 330 people. The company is focused on growth and the creation of value for all its stakeholders, both internal and external, and on developing its activity promoting a positive impact throughout its social and environmental sustainability program ‘Idilia People & Planet’. Its social commitment is also materialized throughout Fundación ColaCao, a non-profit entity to eradicate bullying in our country, through different educational, informative and research projects.