Corporate name


A person for each client. A professional for every service

H&A is a leading provider of full services in the field of Industrial Property and associated matters.

Since its founding in 1982, the firm has taken two development pathways:

– Increasing its areas of action, in particular, incorporating those related to Intellectual Property, Competition, Advertising and New Technologies.

– Increasing its domestic and international presence.

The guiding philosophy for H&A is that every client should have someone who is fully aware of their needs and who can provide them with the best advice upon request. In turn, those services should then be provided by professionals specialised in each field, given their increasingly larger scope and complexity.

H&A currently has offices and subsidiaries in Portugal, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, and its future plans include direct presence in the United States and other Latin American countries.

Approximately half of H&A clients are foreign companies.

H&Awas awarded the the 2006 Industrial Property Firm of the Year award by the prestigious international magazine Managing Intellectual Property, a feat that was repeated a second time in 2010 and a third time in 2015.