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Grupo TGT

Grupo TGT

A passion for good cheese. We ensure the delicious world of cheese is within your reach.

Maybe you don’t know Teodoro García Trabadelo, TGT. For over 50 years we have been dedicated to the production and distribution of the delicious good cheese that reaches you today. We explore, discover and bring you the best varieties, PDOs (Protected Designations of Origin) and brands in practical and versatile ways for you to enjoy.

Our motto is “The cheeses of my life”, because we are present in every moment of your life, accompanying you in various gastronomic experiences with a cheese for every occasion and for every palate. Our passion for the world of cheese stems from way back. In 1963, Teodoro Garcia Trabadelo, TGT, began searching for the best varieties of national and international cheeses and set up the business in a small warehouse in Barcelona. At that time, the team consisted of a small workforce and two vehicles which we used to deliver our dairy products. What made us different from other companies was the environment in which we worked: we were a small, close-knit family, maintaining a close and trusting relationship with our customers

One of the factors of the growing demand was the variety of cheeses we produced and distributed, which were difficult to find in the 1960s. Thus, through hard work and effort, we were able to expand our workforce as the business continued to grow. Finally, we found the ideal space in Viladecans, Barcelona, where the group’s head offices were established. The whole TGT team continues in its efforts to ensure you have more choices and take better care of yourself each day, enjoying the taste of good cheese of the highest quality.