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A Global Firm

Garrigues is one of the longest-standing and most prestigious firms in the Iberian legal profession. Since it was founded in 1941, it has been a byword for innovation and has played an active role in Spanish legal life and in the principal legal reforms that have taken place. This leading position has been achieved thanks to Garrigues’ multidisciplinary team of professionals.

The firm is the largest in Iberian Peninsula, with 1,963 highly-qualified professionals capable of offering clients the integral tax and legal services they need, anywhere in the world. This global mentality,client-driven approach,meant that Garrigues was the first Spanish law firm to open offices in New York and Brussels. Itwas also a pioneer in Portugal and continues to expand its operations into the emerging markets of Asia,North Africa and Eastern Europe,with offices in Shanghai, Casablanca and Warsaw. It’s most recent target, to impulse to the London market.

The firm is present in Latin America through Affinitas, an alliance promoted by Garrigues and composed of leading firms in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Colombia. Garrigues is also a founding member of the prestigious Taxand network, with 38 firms across five continents.

By keeping in constant touch with the current situation in the economy, Garrigues is able to pass on its knowledge to other areas of society, through four institutional commitments: to training (Centro de Estudios Garrigues); to civil society (the Garrigues Foundation); to the dissemination of legal knowledge (Colección Garrigues); and to research (Garrigues Chair in Global Law at the University of Navarra, Spain).