Corporate name
Fama Sofas S.L.


Sofas to enjoy at home

FAMA is one of the leading sofa companies in Spain.  75% of the total production is destinated to export and their products are present in more than 50 countries all over the world.

The creation of a product so different from the prevailing market trends allowed Fama to consolidate its own personality in the sector of upholstered furniture.

Fama sofas are characterized by curved shapes, use of exclusive and colourful fabrics, and above all an exceptional comfort and functionality, features very difficult to find in the world of design.

Fama philosophy is perfectly defined with the slogan “Sofas to enjoy at home”. Sofas designed not only to attract visually. Innovative and functional products that not only cover the customers needs but also creates new ones.

Attractive and beautiful designs, with high quality guaranteed at a reasonable price. These are some of the features responsible for the international success of Fama sofas.

For over 8 years, Fama sofas have been displayed in more than 300 “Corners” or “Galleries” all over the world. In 2011 Fama launched the creation of a new project of franchise: Famaliving. A new concept store for sofas. A distinct atmosphere thought to help customers choosing the best option of sofas to enjoy at home.

Famaliving is expanding around the globe. There are shops already in New York, New Jersey, San Diego, Mexico DF., London, Madrid, Malta, Kiev, Pune, etc.