Corporate name

ElPozo Alimentación

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN was created in 1954, although its beginnings date back to 1935, with the opening of a modest grocery in “El Pozo Concejil” Square in Alhama de Murcia, in Murcia.

ELPOZO is the brand which is most present in Spanish homes, according to the ‘Brand Footprint’ rankings published by consulting company Kantar.

Advances in exports, brand positioning and the innovation of high added-value products that provide consumers with increased health and wellbeing are the main factors that have enabled the company to achieve an annual turnover of 1.2 billion euros.


ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN is a pioneer in healthy food in the Spanish meat sector. This is thanks to its BienStar and Edición 1954 product ranges, as well as its Extratiernos fresh meat line, the result of continuous research in the company’s R+D+i area, focused on meeting the needs of consumers, who are increasingly conscious of and educated about eating healthy products. Thanks to this work, the company is permanently creating new concepts which take the needs and trends of the markets where it is present into account. All the food solutions that ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN prepares are glute-free so that they can be consumed by people with coeliac condition, of which there are around 500,000 in Spain.

The company, which commercialises five species – pig, Iberian pig, turkey, chicken and cow – invests tens of millions of euros in spurring on productivity and innovation in all areas with the aim of increasing its competitiveness in an ever-more global marketplace. Its investment in R+D+i makes up over 1 per cent of its overall turnover.

The company engages in sustainable development that allows it to continue inspiring trust in its main interest groups: consumers, customers, employees, institutions, partners and capital.