Corporate name
Grupo Correos


Correos, the parent company of the Correos Group, is one of Spain’s leading companies by size, territorial presence, human capital and physical and digital infrastructures.

With more than 48,000 employees and more than 8,300 service points all over Spain, distributing close to 6.6 million daily shipments. Correos is part of daily life for Spanish people, companies and institutions, helping to make their lives easier.

Correos is also the designated operator to provide Spain’s Universal Postal Service, based on the criteria of efficiency, quality and affordability, in order to contribute to the continuity of postal communications for all of the general public.

As well as being the benchmark company in the Spanish postal market, Correos is one of the main parcel delivery operators, especially for the e-commerce sector, thanks to the excellence, reliability and trustworthiness of its service and its global, physical and digital range of services, designed to meet the demands of each customer segment.

The entity is currently engaged in the development of a strategy for internationalisation, sustainability and digital transformation.

The Correos Group consists of Correos and the subsidiaries Correos ExpressNexea and Correos Telecom. We operate in the physical and digital communications sector and in the parcel market, leading the non-urgent delivery segment and serving as a benchmark for the e-commerce sector.

Correos belongs to the SEPI Group, a holding company that has direct and majority shareholdings in a total of 15 state enterprises.