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ClarkeModet is the largest Intellectual Property group in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. With companies in 13 countries, a team of more than 500 specialized professionals and a wide international network of agents, it currently covers its clients in more than 195 countries.

The Company was founded in Spain in 1879 and since then it has accompanied innovators and creators in the protection, management and defense of their intangible assets around the world, from Thomas A. Edison or G. Marconi to the more than 24,000 clients who today trust the Group. Currently, ClarkeModet’s companies are located in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela. In addition, they have desks for the APAC, US and European markets.

ClarkeModet is an effective ally for organizations that want to take their innovation to the next level through Intellectual Property. Its area of specialization ranges from the protection of patents, trademarks, designs, domains and copyrights throughout the world, to their defense before official bodies.

In addition, ClarkeModet advises its clients to achieve efficient management and exploitation of these assets, applying the latest technology in its services and offering greater agility, efficiency and sustainability than traditional legal services. In 2023, the Group acquired Arosa I+D, a company specialized in public aid and subsidies for innovation, tax deductions and obtaining funds, from which they complete the innovation cycle of their clients.

As a company that supports and promotes innovation, ClarkeModet applies the latest technology and robotization of internal processes to offer increasingly agile and efficient services. Its more than 30 robots in production work on different processes related to the daily management of trademarks, patents and other IP rights.