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Cinfa Group

Cinfa is the pharmaceutical laboratory with the greatest presence in Spanish homes. With 100% Spanish capital, it has more than half a century of experience and is part of a group made up of 2,200 professionals who are driven by a shared health project: providing citizens with accessible, high-quality treatments and health solutions that are recommended by healthcare professionals. Its focus is not only on illness, but also on prevention and improving quality of life.

The Group achieves this thanks to its four national production plants and two R&D centres in Spain, facilities covering a total surface area of 120,000 m2 that are certified to the highest quality standards.

As well as leading the domestic market, Cinfa Group has expanded its presence internationally and now operates in over a hundred countries, especially in Europe, the Middle East, Central America and South-east Asia.

As a socially responsible company, and within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals, Cinfa is carrying out various initiatives in line with its mission to work for people’s health. These socially committed actions include ‘La voz del paciente‘, ‘La mirada del paciente‘, ‘Ellas Cuentan‘ and ‘CinfaTeaming‘, which support and focus on the daily reality of patients and other vulnerable groups.