Corporate name
Chocolates LACASA

Chocolates Lacasa

LACASA is a family company, founded in 1852 in Jaca (Huesca) by Antonio Lacasa, the great-grandfather of the current proprietors, whose business focussed on chocolate production from the beginning.

Today, LACASA Group is fully consolidated as one of the leading national producers of chocolate, and also children’s sweets, nougat, chocolates and sweets. As a result of the Group’s expansion policy, which started in the 1990s, LACASA products are now widely present in international markets, particularly in Portugal.

Along with its traditional nougat (turrón), Lacasitos, Conguitos and Mentolin are three of the LACASA Group’s flagship products.

LACASA currently has four factories in Spain (two in Zaragoza, one in Toledo and another in Oviedo).