Corporate name


Cesce is the leader of a group of companies that offers comprehensive commercial credit management and surety bond and guarantee solutions in part of Europe and Latin America. Cesce is also the Spanish Export Credit Agency (ECA) that manages export credit insurance, and cover of medium- and long-term risks of electricity-intensive consumers, both on behalf of the State.

Our Mission: To drive our customers’ solid, long-term growth, offering them smart solutions for managing commercial credit that cover the business’s entire value chain – market research, management and transfer of the risk and access to financing – surety and guarantee solution that allow them to embark upon new projects and businesses.

To meet our public obligation as managers of State-backed Export Credit Insurance, with technical rigour, professionalism and strict compliance with applicable regulations, absolutely focused on supporting the internationalisation of Spanish companies.

Our values: Innovation, Support for economic activity and internationalization, Commitment to the customer, Ethical and responsible behaviour, Commitment to people, Integrity.