Corporate name


All of us who form part of the large Carmencita family feel great pride in having been able to grow and develop as time has passed, without having lost one iota of the family philosophy which has characterised us thus far after nearly 100 years of history.

What was started by a couple as a small business back in 1920 is today a company capable of managing sales of more than 700 products. Carmencita uses all the resources available for food safety and quality, without ever forgetting the human factor which is, without any shadow of a doubt, one of the pillars of its success.

The innovative and pioneering vocation of the company meant that Carmencita was the first to think of mixing and packaging the spices which are necessary to make paella, giving rise to the “Paellero” sachet, which is now synonymous with the brand.

Since its beginnings, Carmencita has not stopped growing, with new ranges of spices and flavourings, always made with our own blends. A chef of recognised standing works to this end on the research and development of new culinary aids to add flavour as simply as possible.

Today, we are pleased to be a benchmark of Spanish flavour, and we can say that Jesús Navarro S.A. is a leader in the Spanish spice market and is present in over 60 countries worldwide.