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Corporate name
Borges International Group, S.L.U.


More than 125 years of family tradition exporting the Mediterranean quality and life style

Since 1896, we have remained faithful to our origins, to the land, to our family tradition and to our values in harmony with the Mediterranean Life Style. We combine the excellence and the family character with a high degree of professionalism that maintains a constant spirit of growth and constant improvement.

Our brands and products are currently present in more than 100 countries on five continents by means of a network of more than 6.000 professionals, both internal and external, who attend our clients and consumers around the world every day, allowing the brand Borges to have the most important International presence in the sector.

Borges International Group is a leader in:

  • Olive oil with the brand Borges in more than 100 countries.
  • Nuts in Spain with the brand Borges.
  • Modena vinegar and balsamic glaze in more than 40 countries.
  • Walnuts in Spain with the brands Borges and Pizarro.
  • Portion packs on Spanish Food Service Sector with the brand CAPRICHO ANDALUZ y Borges.
  • Olives in France with the brand TRAMIER.
  • The Food Service Sector in France with the brand Borges.
  • Olive oil, vinegars and olives in the United States with the brand STAR.
  • Marinated artichokes in the United States with CARA MIA.
  • Olive oils and olives in Russia with the brands Borges and ITLV.
  • Olive oils and pasta in India with the brand Borges.
  • The olive oil and vinegars brand with a wider distribution around the world.