Corporate name
ARCOS Hermanos

ARCOS Hermanos

Arcos Hermanos S.A. is considered as the first Spanish cutlery-knife making company being one of the most internationally recognised companies. The first piece which ushered in the commencement of the ARCOS company in 1734, were the first scissors of the brand, created by Juan de Arcos and which are currently found in the Museo de la Cuchillería de Albacete (Albacete Cutlery Museum). The National Archaeological Museum in Madrid has in its collection other pairs of scissors, made by Juan de Arcos, dating back to 1745 and 1746. Another unique piece which is part of Arcos’s history.

This family-owned company, whose products are at the forefront of the world cutlery-knife making market, is very proud of its history and for having crossed borders to become what it is today: a leading company in the cutlery-knife making sector whose growth is never ending. More than 280 years of work and recognition positions the ARCOS company in a vantage point market position and with the confidence from its customers which is increasingly greater.

ARCOS Hermanos has a work surface area divided into different plants within the province of Albacete (Spain). Our team of almost four hundred employees produces 1.100 different models of knives with a production average of 75,000 units per day. Operating in 94 countries, ARCOS Hermanos distributes its pieces worldwide, making us the leading cutlery-knife making company, both professional as well as national level, whose name is known everywhere.