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Enhancing the quality and competitiveness of companies

Through the development of technical standards and certification procedures, AENOR is assisting companies to improve their quality and competitiveness, and those of their products and services, allowing them to generate one of the most highly prized values in today’s economy: trust.

As the entity that is legally entrusted with setting standards in Spain, it has made a catalogue of close to 31,500 standards – together with effective solutions – available to the economic fabric of the country.. AENOR is also a leading certification entity, and its accreditations are among the most highly valued. There are currently 70,000 workplaces the world over that have received certification of some kind from AENOR which also provides support for organisations in fields such as Quality Management, Environmental Management, R&D, Occupational Health and Safety, and Energy Efficiency. In addition, the entity has conducted 460 environmental verifications and validations, and close to 13,000 inspections.

Furthermore, the entity carries out international cooperation projects: to date it has performed 870 international cooperation actions via 50 projects that have been realised in more than 40 countries around the world.

AENOR is also involved in education, and more than 70,000 professionals have placed their trust in the entity for high-quality training that is in tune with the needs of an ever more competitive market.

AENOR is partnered by more than 800 companies that represent practically all of Spain’s productive fabric. Among them are Spain’s main business organisations, leading companies, and a significant proportion of government entities of all levels.

AENOR was founded in 1986 as a private, non-profit entity. It has 20 offices throughout Spain and a permanent presence in 12 countries.