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Actiu is the product of the energy and tenacity of one man, Vicente Berbegal, who at a young age understood how to anticipate the demands of the market, providing high-tech, avant-garde solutions which quickly gained a presence in many homes. This hard work has been recognised with the 2017 European Entrepreneur of the Year award.

The company creates spaces which improve the lives of people. With almost 50 years of experience and a worldwide network covering more than 90 countries, it currently has the knowledge and capacity to provide contract and workplace furniture solutions which distribute space in such a way as to improve the productivity of people using it.

Actiu works with two of the most important international certifications. Firstly, it has LEED® Platinum certification, ensuring the highest levels of commitment to the environment in the construction of Actiu Technology Park. Secondly, it is in the process of gaining WELL certification, which focuses on the wellbeing of people and on the spaces they occupy. This entire trajectory has led the company to base its philosophy on Cool Working, a unique initiative to promote wellbeing and productivity in workplaces.

Actiu products have been awarded the most prestigious prizes in industrial design, such as Red Dot, Design Preis, FX, Premios Delta, If Design and The Best of NeoCon, among others. They have been implemented in projects including airports and educational centres as well as companies from such diverse industries as robotics, technology and agriculture and food.