Virginias’ the Spanish Brand born in the 1930s that has become a reference in the nougat and sweet’s world thanks to its obsession with quality and innovation.

Virginias successes have arrived thanks to became a specialist in chocolate’s process and the continuous searching for healthier products. Currently, it has a wide range of products, both nougats and chocolates and bonbons.

The other mainstay of Virginias is its focus in innovation that led it to the development of the first nougats without added sugar in the Spanish market.  Later it became the leader of this market and currently it offers the largest range of nougats without added sugar.  And, recently, it has also entered in the chocolates’ market with chocolate without added sugar.

Virginias’ present is based on the experience of its master craftsmen and on tradition.  All this supported by the use of local products and seasoned with curiosity and continuously innovation.

All Virginias’ products can be found in main Spanish establishments, on its website ( and in its own network of shops.