TRANGOWORLD, the leading Brand in clothing and equipment for mountaineering and outdoor activities.

Since the foundations of what is now Trangoworld were laid in 1928, with the opening of Sport Radio (a small sports and ham radio shop), its evolution to become CASA ARTIACH and later TRANGOWORLD, we have always had clear how we wanted to do things: following our own path.

We were born as a Company to help anyone who wants to enjoy sport all year round. Shortly after, we created a brand (ARTIACH) to help anyone who wanted to enjoy nature sports all year round. And, later on, we created what is now TRANGOWORLD to help whoever wants to enjoy the mountains all year round. Because our world is the mountains.

We sell clothing and material for mountaineering and outdoor activities. Everything is designed and tested by our team of experts, mountaineers and athletes, to protect and accompany for many years on their outings into nature those who give us the honour and responsibility of equipping them in all their activities. Because true sustainability is to manufacture products designed to last.

We want people to overcome laziness and go out to the mountain. And that philosophy is summed up in one sentence: TAKE THE OTHER WAY.

Find the road less travelled. Be different. Innovate, doing what others are not doing. Do not follow fashion. Always take the path that leads you to that place where you are happy.

At Trangoworld we pride ourselves on being independent and tenacious, which is why we create our own path.

On being committed and consistent, and that is why we manufacture products designed to last.

On being active and restless, that’s why we like to test our products in first person.

On being reliable, that’s why we move forward with short steps and a long look, knowing clearly where we want to go.

Because we are mountain people.