Starlite Universe

A universe of unique brands

Starlite Universe is the first experiential retail brand that combines designed brands by celebrities from the world of film, fashion and music with a surprising development of their own brand, Starlite Design.

Capturing a bit of the stars is possible thanks to exclusive collections that are within the reach of any pocket. The essence of each artist is reflected in their brands.

Antonio Banderas, the Argentine model and businesswoman Valeria Mazza and the Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz have conceived exclusive collections, endorsing the spirit of Starlite and reflecting its magnetic personality through surprising designs.

Distinctive personality

The brands of these three celebrities are joined by the Starlite umbrella, which has developed a collection of textiles and accessories based on the latest trends. The renewed denim, the sequins in all its varieties, stylish basics…. Different options to wear day and night, each one with their own unique style.

All Starlite Universe brands can be purchased online through, and Amazon. In addition to its stores in El Corte Inglés in Puerto Banus, Seville, Málaga, Madrid, Granada and Mijas, this year a new opening is celebrated in Castellon. Its own stores in Madrid, Malaga and Barcelona become a meeting point for lovers of experiences.

And as a novelty, Starlite Universe surprises this year with a new collaboration. The collections of glasses of its celebrities can be acquired in a wide selection of Cortefiel stores and on the website of the renowned Spanish brand.