Más de 50


In 1966, Vicente Server Ferrer and Isabel Pérez Costa, together with their three children, launched the project of what is now Rolser. The Server Pérez family created their company to manufacture handbags, palm baskets, hats and sewing baskets.

His sons Salvador, Joan and Paquibel Server Pérez, the second generation, gave the company a technological turnaround and it was from 1972 on when they added a chassis with wheels to the cloth bags manufactured by the company. In 1978 a public limited company called ROLSER SA was established.

More than 50 years later, today the third generation of the family is in charge of the company. Mireia Server and Vicent Server, CEOs of Rolser are in charge of making our lives a little easier by manufacturing shopping trolleys, domestic ladders and ironing boards with innovative designs adapted to the 21st century life.

Reinvent yourself. Grow. Evolve. Reach the goal and, once achieved, start over.

This is the philosophy that moves us at ROLSER: Constant innovation, commitment to the design of products that grow and evolve at the rhythm of our lives, in step with our needs. Creativity and practicality mark the line of work to which the latest generation industrial design is incorporated, as well as the highest levels of quality and safety.

In the more than 21,000 m2 of the main production plant located in Pedreguer, we develop sustainable policies that make us be at the forefront of resource optimization. In addition, our structure allows flexible production lines depending on each order, with absolute capacity to adapt and respond to the demand of our customers.

In short, and after 50 years of experience, our self-demand forces us not to stop, to innovate and improve in favour of efficiency. Because we believe in a new way of being.

Rolser sells its products to more than 60 countries around the world and its philosophy remains the same, although with an added objective: #THINKGREEN, because the revolution lies within small details.


Public announcements, beautiful phrases, are just that. But at Rolser we have been warning and acting against the use of plastics for years, incorporating new products that make our #THINKGREEN project bigger and bigger. We have a major challenge to save the environment. Because there is no plan B for our planet. Because we are aware of the problem, and you with us, would be part of the solution.


It is not just about making our daily lives more comfortable, practical and functional. It is also about doing it with the design and style that you deserve. That is why at Rolser we have work teams in constant search of new aesthetic trends and increasingly light, durable and ecological materials.

But the commitment to avant-garde design and innovation is part of our DNA.


Never settle for what you know today, because what is around the corner will always surprise you.

Our best designs are ready to come, they will evolve to adapt to a constantly changing world: Shopping trolleys that transform into bags, others that will move on their own, increasingly organic materials, ultra-resistant fabrics … Who knows? But do not doubt that we are already working on them.

Va de bo!