We are a leading international group of opticians with a network of over 1,100 optics in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Brazil. Our optics stand out for their warm and welcoming image, which invites the user to freely interact with the product. Generating closeness and commitment due to our professional service and excellent shopping experience.

Every season we design more than a thousand glasses for exclusive brands of recognized prestige, as well as for our own brand, The Look. We strive to offer consumers a quality product that is also accountable, always including sustainable collections, which we not only sell in our optics, but also distribute worldwide in over 50 countries.

At Opticalia we are committed to the visual health of the communities of which we are a part of, which is the reason why we carry out specific training courses for our more than 3,000 professionals, on topics of vital importance for the future, such as child myopia. Likewise, we make sure that the most vulnerable have access to visual health, and for this reason we carry out solidarity inniciatives in the countries where we are present, assisting and donating glasses for those most in need.