Naturtex is a company that sounds like brand new, due to its fresh image and innovative and contemporary products.
But actually, it hides a huge expertise and experience, as it is located in an area closely linked traditionally to the textile and footwear industry (Crevillente, is a town located in the enterprising Valencian region).
In addition to that, Naturtex is also the result of the long way already walked by Artesa, Naturtex mother’s company whose origins go back to the beginning of the 60’s with the manufacture of traditional sisal baskets. This evolution is nothing more but the reflection of the enterprising spirit of a family business. This eager attitude has been passed on to each new generation and it is one of the essential parts of the personality and who is nowadays Naturtex.
Tradition, know-how and the appreciation ‘for a good job’ are inherited traits that can b sensed in each and every product created and in every project undertaken by Naturtex.
This legacy along with a vocation for the future and constant innovation turns Naturtex into a company that has managed to unify past-future, tradition-innovation in a singular and personal way, keeping its origins but always with its sight oriented to progress.
If there is something which identifies us, it’s that unusual mix of different materials, having as a result such incredible and surprising products as a rug made of the combination of paper fiber, lurex and cotton.
This is the starting point: experimenting with different materials, sometimes even with those that are not commonly used in textiles, such as stainless steel, but working with them as if they were meant to be used for textiles, adapting and converting our traditional manufacturing processes.