MUNICH, the Barcelona brand of the “X”

MUNICH, Barcelona brand and leader in the sport and fashion industry, designs and sells footwear for men, women, babies and children. Internationally-renowned MUNICH bases its product philosophy on a combination of core ideas-trend, design, originality, quality and comfort-that have made MUNICH into a benchmark for anyone looking for added value in their footwear.

MUNICH was created in 1939 to design shoes for sports including futsal, handball and boxing. MUNICH has become a renowned streetwear fashion brand in recent years and has experienced significant growth in both national and international markets.

The brand of the “X” presents its latest collections in fashion and sports both for men, women and children. MUNICH has also recently launched a range of fashion handbags for the MUNICH Accessories division for men and women, once again asserting the brand’s presence in the industry.

MUNICH’s fame has spread over the years along with the brand’s unmistakable “X”, an element found on every MUNICH shoe and accessory. Not only is the “X” a registered trademark in 40 countries but it’s a recognized symbol of prestige and leadership as well. The brand also boasts close to 20 of its own stores and is sold at almost 400 multi-brand outlets across Spain.