Marqués de Vargas

Mentioning the name Marqués de Vargas means referring to a dynasty of four generations devoted to the production and commercialisation of outstanding wines from the Rioja.

In 1840, Don Felipe de la Mata, 8th Marquis of Vargas, decided to plant the first grapevines at the Hacienda Pradolagar. An especially prominent figure was Don Hilario de la Mata, father of the current Marquis, as he was chairman of one of the most emblematic winery group in La Rioja.

In 1989, Don Pelayo de la Mata, 11th Marquis of Vargas and Count of San Cristóbal, saw their father’s dream made reality when today’s winery was built at the family estate, in Logroño, at the heart of the Rioja Alta.

Marqués de Vargas was founded following the “French Château” philosophy, elaborating Reserva and Gran Reserva wines, exclusively made of grapes from the family´s vineyards surrounding it. Wines of limited production, that are perfect examples of their region, expressing the typicity and identity of a unique terroir.

The vineyard is pampered all year round as if they were a garden. They winery has been designed according to the new estate division to have a production area equipped with the most modern technical elements and ageing cellars where the wines mature in unsurpassable conditions, ageing in French oak selected barrels from the best coopers. Marqués de Vargas only produces fine wines for long ageing, which have been successfully qualified as “Viñedo Singular”(unique vineyards) by the DOCa Rioja due to the extraordinary characteristics of their plots, their uniqueness and distinctive production process and the absolute respect for the traditional techniques in the vineyard-manual pruning and hand-picking.