Manterol is a business group formed made up of a professional team that is present in the three phases of the value chain;  “manufacturing”, “B2B marketing” and B2C distribution” of home textiles.

With nearly 75 years of existence, our company has been able to adapt and modernize according to the requirements of the market and mainly of the consumer of the 21th century consumer.

We were born as a single-product manufacturer: “Mantas”, and today, we have a multi-product global offer that fulfills all the needs of a specialized store and turns us into an  integral supplier of services and / or products for the home.

The quality of our garments, uniqueness of our designs and the care for the smallest details make us special and original.

The unique identity turns us into a brand linked to “Fashion” for the house and gives us a unique “Mediterranean” character that identifies us all over the world.

The firm  commitment to the circular economy through “sustainability” and “respect for the environment” are fundamental principles in the creation and development of our products

We maintain a commitment to society to increase the products that comply with the 3 Rs; “Reduction” of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, “Reuse” of raw materials and “Recycling” of materials used in our packaging.

We have an advanced logistics system that allows us to carry out unit picking and to supply our customers  our entire range of products within 24-48 hours

Our wide experience, the evolution and development of the company, makes us a benchmark for the rest of the entire sector and for society in general.