Finding the perfect pearl formula came into reality in 1890 thanks to MAJORICA whose goal was to achieve a process that can reproduce the perfection of a natural pearl. Today, MAJORICA is known for the world’s only man made organic pearl.

With innovative technology and a guarded process. MAJORICA was able to obtain “The Perfect Pearl” by color, iridescence, luster, texture and resistance.

MAJORICA’s designs are unique and its inimitable formula of its organic pearls clearly reflects the unique spirit of the brand.

The pearl is subjected to rigorous quality control that guarantee its durability and offer a warranty period of 10 years.

Luxury, quality, tradition and modernity define the brand’s philosophy and its designs exhibit the Mediterranean inspiration for which they are recognized and adored.

Using their inspiration from nature and the Mediterranean origin, the designs produce a modern and timeless aura.

Affordable luxury creation converted into object of desire and international recognition.

In its factory in Manacor, on the island of Mallorca, MAJORICA’ S designers and artisans carry out their own workshops for the creation in the design studio, and from its logistic center, the jewels are distributed all around the world.

The quality of MAJORICA pearls is ensured at an international level.