Our firm was born in 1981 by Mrs. Lola Casademunt, who began, making handmade accessories with a unique style that we still maintain nowadays.

Today, LOLA CASADEMUNT, is much more than a fashion brand, it is a whole world intended and dedicated to the desires of a woman. Our brand values describe the woman we are and desire you to be:

  • • Femininity: the power of women
  • • Satisfaction: good taste, wisdom and subtlety of action.
  • • Vitality: the inner light that gives to life.
  • • Authenticity: being special.

LOLA represents/ arouses curiosity and sets trends in the best fashion magazines: Vogue, Telva, Woman, … Our outfits are worn by presenters, models and celebrities. As well as our footprint is not missing in social and fashion events, fairs and congresses.  The two lines that compose the brand:

  • • LOLA CASADEMUNT MY MAITE: Premium line, sophisticated and trendy. It creates chic outfits, dominated by quality and the latest trend.
  • • LOLA CASADEMUNT: is the most casual line, for everyday wear. Comfort and elegance predominate. With an endless number of details that dress each garment.

LOLA CASADEMUNT, S.L. is moving towards a new future where Maite Gassó, daughter of the founder, assumes Presidency and the creative direction of the company, together with Fernando Espona, Managing Director, and Paco Sánchez, as CEO. The goal for this new future is to be #maslolaquenunca #morelolathanever