Kriskadecor creates fully custom projects made with anodized aluminium links, offering architects and interior designers a wide range of solutions: space dividers, ceilings, indoor and outdoor cladding, lighting elements or any other special structure you can think of.

The versatility and lightness of the chains make it possible to customize design solutions in colour, shape, and dimensions. In addition, thanks to in-house technology and a wide palette of finishes and colours, they can reproduce any image or pattern in high definition. It should be noted that aluminium is 100% recyclable, so the use of this material fits into any project that ensures sustainability.

Since its creation in 1926, in Montblanc, Spain, the company has built its reputation on the back of the core principles of innovation, personalization, and customer service, developing Hospitality, Retail, corporate and public spaces projects around the world. They currently have a second headquarters in Miami, Florida, and brand representatives in several countries.