Since 1890 we have been supporting people and companies around the world to ensure the progress and development of their ecosystem. We are the brokerage of those who are seeking an excellent service with credentials, a first class service and for those who value trust above all: Jori& is a reliable partner who believes in your project on a long-term basis.

Founded in Barcelona by Josep Armengol Planas, the agency experienced a remarkable development when – under the Agencia Armengol name and the management of his son, Josep Mª Armengol Palau – it became a company specialized in insurance programs for textile companies. Thanks to this expertise, the company led the industry for four decades. Legacy meets progress and nowadays, several generations later, Jori Armengol is a broker specialized in insurance programs covering companies of all sizes, characteristics and needs, that offers the finest coverage under the best conditions with a superior service all over the world.

We exist so that companies and the people that build them up move forward towards what really matters to them. We add talent, effort, commitment, experience and knowledge for you to prosper. We exist to add up.