Pedro Carretero founded Joquer in 1984, as a small family business.

Our initial business activity was the production of sofas, armchairs and auxiliary upholstery items, and six years later, it began to export its products to different countries in Europe.

Joquer works from the beginning with external designers such as Dario Gagliardini, Gabriel Teixidó, Jordi Busquets or Mario Ruiz, National Design Award 2016 who, in 2012 assumed the creative direction of Joquer, providing a new strategic direction that culminated with the renewal of the brand in 2017.

Throughout this process of growth and evolution, Joquer’s Mediterranean origins remain intact. The mix between modernity and artisan tradition, between family values ​​and business vision, constitutes the essence that is transmitted in each of our products.

When we create our collections, we not only keep it in mind the purpose for which they will be used, also the impact they will have on the environment.

For us, sustainability is a key element from the design phase itself. The wood we use in the structures comes from sustainable forests and all manufacturing processes, such as priming and coating of metal parts, comply with environmental regulations.

But, first and foremost, we use quality materials and the best sewing techniques so that our pieces have a very long life of use, because we believe that durability is the most ecological value.