IQS is a Higher Education Centre founded by the Society of Jesus, with over one hundred years of experience and an extensive track record and history in academic fields that enable the institution to offer a fully consolidated and proven teaching method. IQS is based in Barcelona and it was one of the founders of Ramon Llull University. IQS has two Schools: the IQS School of Engineering, which teaches scientific and technical studies, and the IQS School of Management, which teaches Economics, Business and Tourism studies. In addition, it is well recognized by national and international accreditations (AACSB, ABET). Besides the university programmes offer (Bachelor, Master and PhDs), IQS provides specialized training for professionals and businesses (IQS Executive Education), conducts research, innovation, and technology transfer activities for business and industry (IQS Tech Transfer) and fosters a culture of entrepreneurship and supports the creation of new companies based on scientific technology (IQS Tech Factory).