INCLASS is an innovative family company with a long tradition in the manufacture of contemporary design furniture for work environments, public spaces and private residences.

We create products with a refined aesthetic, thinking about the well-being of the people who use them and to improve the spaces in which they are placed. The company collaborates with leading international designers to create innovative products that are always the expression of a pure, elegant and timeless design.

Each INCLASS design is the result of the study of reality, investment in design and the (experienced) work of our experienced team. All the production is manufactured locally, combining craftsmanship with the latest technologies under ISO 9001 quality standards and ISO 14001 environmental standards. INCLASS products are tested under strict international standards that guarantee their safety, durability and quality over time.

Aware of our responsibility with the environment, the design and manufacture are done considering ecological criteria. The company works to reduce emissions, waste and unsustainable materials in a continuous search for healthier and more sustainable alternatives.

Today, our extensive catalogue of designs is specified in more than sixty countries by the best specialized distributors, architects and interior designers.