Founded in Spain in 2017, HOFF was created to blur the line between quality, incredible designs and fair prices.

We are a global fashion brand by nature and creative by design. We express this by taking inspiration from iconic places worldwide to create unique designs, resulting in unexpectedly beautiful sneakers that you can wear every day.

Since its inception, the company has traveled far and wide searching for inspiration and diversity to offer designs with a soul of its own. A range of colors and original and daring combinations. Use of materials that achieves unique pieces. There is a contrast between tones and unprecedented use of soles, always surprising and creating collections for those who believe that the world is still full of places to discover.

Apart from creativity, philanthropy has been a central element of HOFF’s identity from the very beginning. Our program is based on helping all kinds of causes in need, either with donations or direct actions. We also affirm that the world is our stage. So we believe it is our duty to at least try to make it a better place. But we don’t want to do the bare minimum to be labeled “sustainable.” Sustainability is an ongoing process, and we are committed to doing better every year.

With its stores in Madrid, Mallorca, Valencia, Barcelona and Seville, a presence in such prestigious retailers worldwide and half a million pairs sold in more than 40 countries, HOFF has become a favorite choice for its customers over the world.