Grupo Jover

Jover Group | Fabric design, production and distribution for home decoration and contract

Francisco Jover S.A. is a family business founded more than 50 years ago and currently managed by the second and third generation. It is the main company of the Jover Group.

We manufacture fabrics for interior decoration and our vertically integrated company allows us to do all manufacturing processes internally. We have warpers, looms, finishing plant, fabric and yarn dyeing plant, digital printing, special finishing processes and tailoring services. We are more than 120 people working in the Group.

Our greatest strength is flexibility and the ability to react quickly to special demands. We can produce both large and small quantities, and adapt or design the product for each of our clients.

We mainly target two markets nationally and internationally. On the one hand, the traditional distribution in stores or showrooms, and on the other one, the contract market, where we have extensive collections of certified FR fabrics and a custom digital printing service.

“We distribute in stores and we are on the contract market, with technical fabrics”

We manufacture and have permanently in stock more than 3,500 different fabrics. We ship orders globally every day.

We have our own online app JoverDecó for you to manage all orders and budgets from your computer, tablet or smartphone. On this app, you can order a wide variety of made-to-measure products and receive them ready to hang or place.

In our catalog we offer a wide range of fabric types: plain and printed fabrics easy cleaning with only water SR fabrics, FR fabrics, Outdoor and waterproof in&out fabrics, Recycled fabrics, Fabrics with anti-bacterial properties, StopRadiation fabrics with electromagnetic radiation protection, Silence fabrics with acoustic protection

Our main brands in the market are Jover, KA International and Maison Decor.