Europair is an air charter broker specialised in the contracting and management of charter flights worldwide.

Our service consists of interpreting the needs of those people or companies who cannot, or do not want to, depend on the routes and timetables of regular flights and who want to charter flights as an alternative; offering advice on the selection of aircraft types and operators; negotiating the charter contract terms; and assisting throughout the performance of the flight.

Europair is independent of large tourism and aviation groups, thus ensuring an impartial and reliable service. Unlike an airline, we do not market our own fleet and have direct access to thousands of different aircraft worldwide. Europair searches the market for the solution best suited to the specific needs of each client, applying strict suppliers’ selection criteria.

Our portfolio of clients includes private individuals, companies and tour operators who require exclusive personalised treatment with the guarantees of reliability, efficiency and quality that have characterised Europair’s service since 1994.

Our air charter services include:

  • Private jets
  • Charter series for package holidays and cruise ships
  • Adhoc charter flights for meetings, incentives and events
  • VIP airliners for special groups

Europair’s multilingual team of experienced aviation specialists is equipped with the latest technology and know-how to take the client through all the steps of flight preparation and personalisation.

In today’s ever-changing business environment, it is imperative to rely on trusted partners who can deliver a solid and dependable service. Our slogan encapsulates our philosophy: we are a reliable, independent, versatile company with a clear dedication to customer service.

The skies, with us