Designer furniture to suit your lifestyle, for both today and tomorrow

Enea designs and manufactures top of the range, designer furniture inspired to adapt to our busy day-to-day lives and aimed at the spaces we spend most of our time in: our homes, offices, restaurants, centres of education, hotels, etc. From our premises in The Basque Country, our robust, elegant and ecologically sustainable furniture is sent all over the world.

The Cooperative tradition, a process of ecological sustainability, our determination to achieve excellence and innovation together with our climate and surroundings, culture and traditions, combine to forge a unique personality and a stand-alone approach which is reflected in our furniture and production process.

Our wide range of products is comprised of chairs, stools, benches, armchairs, tables, pouffes and clothes stands, suitable for every type of public and private buildings: hospitality, companies, auditoriums, hospitals, meeting rooms and congress halls, bars and terraces, etc. The stylish, modern elegance that is a feature of our collections is backed up by the reliability and maximum quality of our products along with the collaboration of prestigious and internationally recognised designers.

Thanks to our international sales network of agents and distribution points spread over five continents we are able to satisfy an ever-increasing worldwide demand.

Enea has become a market leader in the designer furniture sector for both public and dealer contracts as well as private residential undertakings, and is present in over 40 countries.